Battery Life using BTT Touchbar


I find that BTT drains a lot of my battery when I'm using a custom touch bar. I believe this is because it is constantly running apple scripts to check "what song is playing on spotify" or "what's the battery of my airpods" and displaying that information on the touchbar.

Are there other, more 'natural' solutions for these touchbar icons that would be less energy intensive?

5.8 in average, with my custom presets. I thought that was a low average with no impact at all, but thats almost above any regular app, is almost half way to safari with 12 average and above mail, messages, or even Spotify. I have 3 apple scripts (Mute, Reminders, and what's is playing on youtube) and the what's playing widget

I have an average drain of 21-22 like really bad!

Reducing the repeat rate of your scripts will lower the energy consumption.

In general make sure to use the BTT native widgets whenever possible (e.g. the BTT now playing widget instead of some custom ones).

Hi, Andreas. I'm using Golden Chaos. How/where can I lower the repeat rate? This is a very cool layout, but it's eating up my battery.

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I also get a 6.3 average consumption for BTT, it's probably due to some apple scripts in the touch bar.

I was wondering, are apple scripts still running in widgets that are hidden? E.g. I have some widgets that only show when I press modifier keys, but are they constantly updating in the background?

No, not if they are hidden. But every time you press that modifier key they will be executed (depending on the settings).

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