Battery Drain Issue

I feel like BTT may be draining my battery. Is there any way I can see which widgets are causing battery drain?

Entirely possible and depends on how you're using it. If you have lots of widgets on the Touch Bar that continually run scripts, those will drain battery. If you post/describe your preset, narrowing it down will be easier.


Touch Bar.bttpreset (4.2 MB)

My touch bar preset is here. Greatly appreciate your help.

Hey, sorry for the radio silence, school stuff got pretty hectic. I'm going through your preset and below are all the things I'm noticing - bold items will be what I suspect is the battery drain culprits:

  • Spotify local volume Group - play/pause widget has error in AppleScript, won't compile (widget script and trigger)
  • Spotify local volume Group - custom slider script executes every 0.3 seconds, as does the % script
  • high refresh rates in Spotify local seek Group as well
  • Bluetooth script checks setting every second
  • Wifi script checks every second
  • Airplane mode script checks every second

Other than that, I don't notice anything glaring. How much battery drain were you noticing with this? I feel like I have more scripts running than you do in you preset, but don't face more than acceptable battery drain, as all Touch Bar setups will have unfortunately.

@rebelraiders101 I'm not sure if the issue is BTT exactly, but I've been experiencing absurd levels of battery drain recently. The battery only lasts about 4-5 hours of regular web browsing, and I've been trying to narrow down the issue.