Bartender controversy, tutorial on how to manage menubar status items via BTT

it hides all left of and including the BTT icon (you can move around the btt icon by cmd + dragging)

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This is awesome, so simple and now I think of it makes perfect sense :blush:

I did check documentation but could not see it.

In a first step 4.577 alpha (uploading now) adds a new action "Move Menubar Status Item To New Position". With that you can quickly show / hide items by moving them in the visible or invisible area.

More coming tomorrow :wink:


Long time BTT and BST user. Can't live without 'em. Hate to ask because BTT already already does a ton of great stuff, but I would definitely need more spacing customization options than terminal commands can provide; like, along with global spacing controls, adding specific spacing between pairs of menulet icons because some are designed poorly with extra spacing, or not enough spacing, and Bartender was the only app that wold let you make little spacers of any width and drop them in between them to give you a nice, even, clean menubar. I'm afraid that might be asking for features beyond the BTT scope, though.

you can add custom menubar items and just enter a space as title, then it will be invisible but still take up some space.

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I have been posting about not seeing menu bar icons, including the BTT menu bar icon. I suspected they were hidden behind the notch on my MacBook Air 13". (Some icons were visible to the right of the notch, between it and the OS system menu bar icons. I have confirmed that through an odd discovery. I have an Apple Vision Pro. When I connect it to the MBA with Virtual Display (which was slightly upgraded today to VOS 1.2) ... there is no notch, of course! And those icons became visible. So I was able to move the BTT icon to the far right. This fixes a lot of my issues!

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Is there something new from the Bartender replacement front?

Sorry, will take 1-2 more days, then it should be ready. Are you looking for a specific feature?


Don’t worry. No specific feature. Only the things already discussed.

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg, I'm using Bartender only for this feature that R2000 commented on (that's why I never used BTT actions). All my icons are always hidden, some important ones are in the "Hidden Menu Bar" section in Bartender, so when you hover the mouse over menu bar, those icons get show until you leave the bar with the mouse.

Are you thinking of having something like that too?

Thanks for your awesome work on this; so quickly!

Thanks for your work! Just double clicking to show/hide everything left of the BTT icon is almost enough functionality for me. Only thing I really liked about Bartender was the possibility to show the battery icon once the level gets under a defined percentage. I would love if BTT could do that too, but no dealbreaker.

@timmy256, a similar hidden bar for BTT is almost finished
@robbob you can already do that with the current versions:

This would e.g. move the battery status item to the left of the control center item once the battery level goes below 10%
And this would move it to the left of the BTT icon when the charge goes above 20% again (so it will be hidden again):


So far it is looking really promising and great to have BTT as a Bartender replacement. When you release the new features in a day or two, will there be a public preset released with those features? Or will it be something we have to manually implement ourselves? I'm only just exploring the trial version of BTT, some parts are still confusing, others are great, but it's not something you learn overnight as there is so much in it. A public preset download would be really good, or detailed instructions to make the switch a bit more seamless. :slight_smile:

I'm hoping I can swap over to BTT and get a lifetime license to keep the Bartneder aspect going as a start then explore everything else BTT can do. :slight_smile: So far i've enabled the hide icons to the Left of the BTT icon, but would love similar functionality to Bartender in some ways like the hovering menu and showing active icons, like if a cloud drive is syncing.

there will definitely a ready to use preset. I also plan to add a simple UI for this, but that will take a few days longer


Thanks Andreas!

One question; I remember from a couple of years ago, when I've tried some of these features, you needed to have the BTT icon in the Menu Bar for these to work, and I've seen some comments around that here too ("hide everything to the left of BTT icon", "move battery icon to the left of BTT icon", etc.). As I mentioned before, I have every icon hidden in my Status Menu Bar (and actually BTT icon disabled altogether right from its settings)

So, my question is, for all these features you are developing to work, do we need to always be showing the BTT icon? Or could they work still somehow?

Thanks again!

Currently it is easiest to have the BTT icon active, but it will also be hidden once you execute the action „Hide menubar status items left of BTT icon“.

Soon it will not be needed anymore at all


Wow, great, thank you!

It sounds really promising what @Andreas_Hegenberg plans. I‘m exited to see the final outcome.