Bartender controversy, tutorial on how to manage menubar status items via BTT

Thanks a lot. I tried to introduce next to my hidden menue "<" a dummy element which I called "j". My idea was to have a fixed icon where I can place hidden icons left to it. I tried to move the battery icon based on a percentage, but it's not working somehow. Anyway I spent 2 hours now to play around and will give up and wait for a future version. Compared with ICE or Bartender where you move your items via drag and drop, it's very complicated and maybe also buggy (but not sure).

Yes BTT's approach for these kind of things is more complicated (BTT always just provides the building blocks, and users need to put these together) but in the end also more powerful as it will allow you to leverage all of BTT's functionality :slight_smile:
But of course the alpha quirks need to be worked out, I think everything should be stable pretty soon.

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I've been busy and not following all the alpha and preset updates. The last time I installed (yesterday morning my time, in fact), I saw quite a lot of improvement. I still get cursor jumping around the screen after doing some interaction BTT.

I just wanted to say that we all should know this is an ALPHA version, so we expect bugs. Even into the beta (and beyond, ha!). I am astounded at the progress you are making to give us Bartender functionality. And replying to and meeting the feature requests. THANK YOU, Andreas!

Thank you :slight_smile: Yep exactly keep in mind that this is all still in alpha / beta phase and stuff is complicated :sweat_smile:. I'm happy about everybody who tests this stuff - that way issues will get resolved eventually!

I think I finally figured out why the cursor sometimes jumps, which also explains some of the issues (e.g. the battery icon hiding instead of moving). Will be fixed with the next alpha

4.621 should fix the cursor & movement issues. Also it adds a new "always hidden" section:

Items moved above the "AlwaysHiddenFromHere" item will always be hidden. (Can also be moved there via action)

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg ,
the always hidden section is currently only available for the floating menue and the order needs to be done in a manual way, right? The same hidden section would be great for the original menue bar as well. Or better and easier for the user would be a drop-down entry in the Move item section e.g. "Move Status Item to hidden area“ for both views (floating Menue and menue bar) in addition to „left to icon …“.

Edit: Ah I saw you mentioned, it can also be moved via action.

items you drag in the btt ui will also be moved in the real menubar :wink:

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v4.624 (uploading) adds a "simple" new predefined action "Search Menu Bar Status Items"


Yep! That solved the icons not showing but I still get weird bugs with the hide-to-left arrow like this, where it has disappeared from the menubar but appear in the wrong position in the floating menu:


Also, the Little Snitch menu item refused to be hidden so I had to turn it off (its flashing is distracting).

Is it possible to not have "duplicate" icons in the floating menu?

yes, you if you disable them in the BTT configuration, they will not show ip in the bar

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Dumb question, I'm on 4.627 - how do I get to this always hidden menu? I noticed that my battery icon will show up in the floating menu, but I don't see it on the main menu when I expand everything. Wondering if somehow its hidden. I did put in the latest preset and made sure all the presets for trying to move the battery icon around based on percent were gone

I hope this is fixed now in 4.628.
You can now also right-click an item in the bar to hide it from the bar.

@tommucha you can either drag the icons directly in the bar, or you can go to the settings in BTT and move the items around there (everything higher than the green item is always hidden)

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TIL that I can double click in the configuration and drill down :man_facepalming:

I was able to drag the icon in the floating bar to the right of the < and all is good now. Thanks!

Hello all! Goodness, this thread has ballooned since I last checked! :slight_smile:

I need some assistance. Took the plunge with ICE, following the Bartender débâcle.
Immediately before that, also played around with BTT, when the first version of what is now on offer, was rolled-out. I tried it, and then also tried to deactivate what was attempted, on the same day (I think there was an update due, or some such).

Regardless, presently — I am wanting to stick with ICE, since I purchased it on the same day, and find it to be a bit more intuitive, with less fiddling. This is in no manner a criticism of what BTT is able to do now — I just don't have the headroom to tweak things atm, and ICE works out of the box.

My problem: Something in BTT (user-error, I have activated something somewhere, and don't know how to switch it off) is running interference with ICE. When BTT is completely quit, ICE works as expected. When BTT is running, the ICE icon is visible, and you can visually see it toggle, but nothing of the hidden menus are shown/become visible. I suspect that BTT is also still trying to manage to menu bar, and is cancelling out what ICE is trying to do.

Any suggestions about where to start looking?

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maybe you have still imported the example preset, in that case just deleting that preset (and maybe restarting BTT) should solve this

Thank you for the quick response, Andreas!

That is quite possible — but I don't even know where else to look?
I removed all unusual triggers from "For All Apps/Automations & Named & Other Triggers", and did the same under /Notch Bar.
Quitting BTT sees ICE work as expected, launching BTT sees the issue return.

Any further suggestions would be appreciated — since I might be misunderstanding/misremembering what is meant by "preset"?

I‘m currently not on my mac to take a screenshot, the preset selector is at the top right of the BTT UI.

I assume ICE captures BTT‘s invisible item used for managing the menu bar, but then has no space to show others anymore.
BTT only loads that management item if somewhere in the floating menu section a status item widget has been configured

Thank you, Andreas.

Would be greatly appreciated if you can show me some screengrabs (when you are able to), to get this sorted.

Under the Preset selector, I can see a "menubar-management" item, that had blue ticks for "Active" and "Visible in UI". Disabling these, and quitting/restarting, makes no difference — but not sure if that's what needed to be adjusted in the first place, in any event.

I will wait to hear back from you. Thanks again.

best delete that whole preset, then restart BTT.

If that doesn’t help, check the „floating menu“ section in BTT for any configured items and delete them as well

this is :chef kiss: looks great.

one question – is there a way to make the search always appear in the center of my active screen?

it looks like when i trigger the search, the search window appears at the mouse pointer. i poked around a bit, but couldn't find a way to define the position the search window loads.

anyway, i really appreciate this feature and all of the refinements and hard work that you've put into all of this menubar'ing!