avoid the touchbar to turn black (or automatically reactivated after N seconds)

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a solution to have the touchbar to automatically "wake up" from idle mode every 5 minutes.
or a way to prevent it got to sleep at all. (and off course as soon as I have something working in that direction, I will create a btt widget to control when this happens)

I have seen suggestion to run the script

on idle tell application "System Events" to keystroke (key code 63) -- press fn key

This is from

But this does not seem to work (from the above thread looks like it was working for at least some people so maybe related to the version of the OS). So I'm out of idea for this.

I hope that someone can help me with that.


I'll check if there is still a way to do this. (For me the Touch Bar also doesn't react to synthetic key events on 10.13.5 beta).

However be aware that interrupting the idle state of the system will affect your battery life as this will "wake up" all apps.

I'm looking for something like this as well. Specifically, the default black-out interval of the Touch Bar is too short for me. For example, I often read text, and the Touch Bar repeatedly fades out just as I'm about to I scroll further, making it go off and on and off and on... Very annoying. Being able to prolong this interval somehow would be very helpful.

Also, while I am generally averse to anything that impacts battery life, this does not apply when on AC power. :wink: In that case, I'd rather have the Touch Bar remain on for longer periods, which would greatly reduce the need for the "first wake it up, then trigger the actual function"-type of use which has become so common for me with this darned thing. (Been watching a video for 3 minutes and want to adjust audio volume? Have to wake up the Touch Bar first!)

So simply being able to control this as desired would be a huge help. Ideally, it would be scriptable, or at least available as BTT-provided actions (set black-out interval, switch off immediately, switch on immediately). I have no idea how much of that is possible, but Apple will certainly not accomodate us, so if @Andreas_Hegenberg could do anything about it, that would alleviate one of the most basic pains with the Touch Bar.