Automatically reopen custom touch bar after closing control strip

I'm setting up my touch bar for blender, and I have a few buttons just to replace keyboard shortcuts. I have my control strip shown, and the BTT button hidden from the control strip, so that I'm simply adding a few buttons to the default touch bar in blender (which is empty other than the control strip.

If I expand the control strip, after I collapse it again, my custom touch bar is gone, and I have to switch to a different app and back to blender to get it back since I don't want to show the BTT button on my control strip.

Is there any way to have it automatically reopen? If not, maybe a workaround would be to imitate the control strip in the touch bar with BTT, and hide the control strip? Is this something that has been done?


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Instead of "close current Touch Bar Group" assigne the action "Open Touch Bar Group with Name…" to the button that closes your group :wink:

Thanks for the reply!

By the button that closes the group, do you mean the x that p appears on the left when the control strip is shown?

If so, how do I change it's functionality? I thought it was a part of MacOS that you couldn't alter.

Oh wait. If we are talking about a Touch Bar Lay-out you created in BTT that's easy just navigate to the group and change the X's associated action.
Unfortunately the macOS Touch Bar cannot be changed AFAIK :frowning:

Edit: I read your post again after having my morning coffee. Unfortunately it is not possible to fire up the Touch Bar right ahead by closing a System Touch Bar group, AFAIK.
You could try to use a Conditional Activation Group (add it from the bottom left plus) with as condition "App name is Blender", but IDK how this behaves with the control strip :man_shrugging:t4:

Alternatively you could use an easy trackpad shortcut (such as two finger slide from the top starting outside of the trackpad) to open up your customised Touch Bar group. This should be easier to perform than to switch to another app and come back to blender then.

Okay, I'll try this out. Thanks!