Assigning of "Named Triggers"

Once a certain amount of "Named Triggers" have been generated, assigning them to an action becomes rather chaotic. They are not sorted by application, as they are all mixed up in a single menu. They are also not sorted alphabetically, therefore attempting to assign them a prefix to get them sorted proved unsuccessful. Additionally, searching for a specific trigger is not always successful. For example, if I search for "INDESIGN" because I used it as a prefix for the "Named Triggers" of Indesign, it only shows me 2-3 triggers, even though there are over 40. Wildcards don't work in the search, unfortunately. All of this makes this great function in implementation an arduous task, especially when the window closes after assigning a trigger in a group. This issue has already been addressed in another post.
Is there a solution that I am missing?

I have the same problems when searching Named Triggers, the results never show all the coincidences.

Also It would be good to have the option of ordering alphabetically the triggers.

It would be also useful something like a "Named Triggers Manager" where we could put all these triggers inside folders.