Assign BTT buttons for Touch Bar to a specific Application and Filename

I'm writing in Medieval Latin using FileMaker. I would like to assign my BTT buttons for Touch Bar not only for the FileMaker application but for a specific FileMaker Database. Otherwise, Medieval Latin character buttons are available for all my databases. I would have to enable BTT exclusively for one specific FileMaker database.

Try to add "Window name" in the CAG, maybe this works.
Condition: all the following true
App name is your app
Window name contains Latin (or whatever corresponds)

Hey, Caliguvara:
What's a CAG and where do I find it?

Basically a Conditional Activation Group are triggers in BTT that show up in the Touchbar/are activated only if some conditions are fullfilled. In the example here things you put in this CAG show up only if

  • The Application is FileMaker and
  • The window name contains the given text

You can create a conditional activation group by hitting the small ⊕ on the bottom left of the BTT window and select Create conditional activation group.

Hope this helps!

Very interesting! I made it work with one character. Once I have it complete I'll comment a bit more.

Can you create a CAG based on an applescript's return value?

You could add an if action

Tell Application "BetterTouchTool"
execute_assigned_actions_for_trigger "TRIGGER"
End tell

The trigger opening the desired touchbar group.

Find a full list of actions BTT can do from scripts here.