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Intuitively Functional Minimalism: AquaTouch.

AquaTouch is the result of the meticulously controlled balance of function, minimalism, and intuitive design. It fits the most function into the neatest interface possible, while also keeping it instinctively quick and easy to use.

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Clocks, weather, spotlight, Siri, volume and brightness controls are not displayed but are still controllable. Uphold Intuitively Functional Minimalism.

You do not need a clock in the touchbar, as it is up in the menubar. Hold command-space for Siri instead. Two, three and four finger touchBar gestures are used adjust volume, brightness and the keyboard brightness. Gestures are much quicker and easier to reach, they do not require a look to activate and are much more natural to control. They even have haptic feedback (v3), you can literally feel every level the volume goes up.

I also provide quality, complete sets of tools for many apps that do not support the touchbar natively, such as Adobe Illustrator, OneNote and After Effects, to name a few.

Even websites are supported! (soon, in v3) Quickly access chats, search for friends and switch between your timeline and other views in facebook, watch youtube without touching the mouse/trackpad or format your Google Document with ease, just to name a few.

Don't like the constantly changing TouchBar?

AQT is very carefully designed to be predictable, and puts you in control. It's automatic elements are carefully designed to NOT assume what you want, presenting options instead of unexpectedly replacing the whole bar.

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The bar only changes when you switch apps. Just like the menu bar. It doesn't change when you select something, or whatever it is. Instead, there are groups that you can open up to bring these controls to view, instead of them popping up and obscuring all your triggers. When opened, these won't close on you, and they're always there for you to open up.

Since it's really predictable, I've developed a muscle memory for each app! for example; When I switch to an app like messenger, the chat switch buttons show up as I remember and I just move my hand up to click them and check the latest chat. When I switch to illustrator, I tap the 'Path Tools' group to bring up all my path tools in the TouchBar, already knowing where the buttons are.
In contrast, Apple's implementation tries to guess what you want, automatically showing you options to change text formatting when you really just want to format the text box.

Sorry for the wall of text, there's just much content in this preset, it's pretty hard to cover it all. Theres still tons more to discover, so come and try AQT! I promise a great experience, and if it's not to your expectations then i'll gladly accept any feedback, whatever it is! Why not try it out and see what you think?


*Note that the images here are of version 1. Many, many improvements have been made, including the removal of the system 'x' button on the left side.

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and counting...


:large_blue_circle: Adobe After Effects - a complete touchbar toolbox (kind of, in development)
:large_blue_circle: Adobe Photoshop
:large_blue_circle: Adobe Illustrator - a complete touchbar toolbox
:large_blue_circle: Adobe InDesign

Web Browsers:
:white_circle: Safari [extension]
:large_blue_circle: Chrome
:large_blue_circle: FireFox
:large_blue_circle: Opera

Safari Widgets - Tools for Websites
:large_blue_circle: YouTube Safari Widget
:large_blue_circle: SoundCloud Safari Widget
:large_blue_circle: Netflix Now Playing Widget

:large_blue_circle: Google Docs Safari Widget
:large_blue_circle: Google Drive Safari Widget
:large_blue_circle: Gmail Safari Widget

:large_blue_circle: Facebook Safari Widget
:large_blue_circle: Safari Widget

:large_blue_circle: Whatsapp - Switch chats and access emojis!
:large_blue_circle: Facebook Messenger App - Switch chats and access emojis!
:large_blue_circle: Caprine for Facebook Messenger
:large_blue_circle: Discord
:large_blue_circle: Skype

:large_blue_circle: iTunes
:large_blue_circle: Spotify
:white_circle: IINA
:white_circle: QuickTime Player
:large_blue_circle: VLC - featuring @vipersonic's time scrubber, playback speed and fullscreen toggles!

:large_blue_circle: Microsoft OneNote
:large_blue_circle: Ti-Nspire CAS Software

:large_blue_circle: Microsoft Outlook
:large_blue_circle: Slack

Apple General:
:large_blue_circle: Dictionary - shortcuts for switching dictionaries
:large_blue_circle: Digital Color Meter - Copy Colours Easily
:large_blue_circle: Stickies - change colour, add new, minimise, make transparent, toggle float
:large_blue_circle: Photo Booth
:large_blue_circle: AppleScript Editor
:white_circle: Calculator
:white_circle: Preview
:white_circle: TextEdit

:large_blue_circle: Blender - Numpad View Controls!
:large_blue_circle: Daisy Disk
:large_blue_circle: Gantt Project - a complete touchbar toolbox
:white_circle: 1Keyboard Widget

You never knew you needed it.


Click the desktop and a list of widgets show you and allow you to control background tasks on your mac.

Also switch to the Apps mode to Quickly Launch:

  • Calendar
  • Reminders
  • TextEdit, in a plain text document
  • Stickies
  • Calculator
  • Filedrop [not airdrop. see:]
  • ActivityTimer [3rd Party App]
  • Screen Record
  • BTT prefs

And hold control to:

  • Toggle Internet Sharing
  • See current preset version to report bugs
  • switch to Game Mode

It's just natural.


No more sliders and buttons you can't feel.
Slide anywhere on the TouchBar to adjust what you always adjust, no looking needed.

Slide with Two fingers: Volume
Slide with Three fingers: Brightness
Slide with Four Fingers: Keyboard Brightness

Stay immersed, but also informed.


You want to be immersed by games, and Games want to be immersive.
The result: The menubar is hidden. It may be small, but it's annoying that you're not be able to check the time, and battery percentage isn't it?

AquaTouch includes a template that displays the CPU temp, Fan speed, time and battery on the right side of the TouchBar for you to keep track of vitals while you immerse yourself in a full screen game.

You have the option to also display message bubbles here, letting you know that your significant others are trying to reach you without cluttering your game on the main screen.

In addition to that, You can even set up your own macros with the right side statistics!
add a push-to-talk button, skills triggers, button combo reminders, shortcuts to UI or whatever you want!

The basis of AquaTouch.


It's part of the keyboard, not the screen.
The TouchBar is an extension of your keyboard, not an external display. (except for when you game)
Don't waste precious space for junk that you can already see on the main screen.

Reduce Clutter.
If it's not useful, it's not added. Keep things efficient and neat.

Reduce More Clutter.
Buttons that are global, such as brightness and volume make way for gestures and more space.
Buttons such as notification centre, siri and mission control are brought up using keyboard and trackpad gestures, like they are meant to be.

Designed Beautifully.
All Icons adhere to the apple TouchBar icon specs, matching up beautifully with the system icons and the keyboard. There are no boxy, blocky or mis-sized icons.
The system 'X' button is also removed, while the entire apple control strip has been remade within AQT for the smoothest experience.

Functionally Styled.
Sizes, Spacing, Groups and Colours are all used to convey function.
Individual buttons that are related are clustered together, grouping. Important is coloured, Second-order is grey, hierarchy. The colour of the group button matches the contents inside, context.

Always Convenient.
The things you need are always present, and will stick even if you interact with view-changing toggles.

Sticky Controls
When you tap into a group, the controls you want to keep stick, so you do not need to switch out of said group to access, say the select tool.

Upcoming in v3:
Now Playing, Schedules, System Toggles and the app switcher are all neatly displayed to the right for you to get to, always.

Nested Back Buttons
All Back buttons tell you exactly what bunch of tools you have open, and they stack to form a hierarchy if you enter a group in a group. This allows you to know your context and additionally allows you to go back in one tap no matter how many groups within groups you've travelled into.

Break out of the Borders
By using creative padding overloads, blank icons and negative margins, interesting and very neat layouts have occurred.

Apple Did a Good Job.
AquaTouch is designed to flow with the controls set natively from apple or other apps. You can fluidly and even automatically access the raw TouchBar in all it's contextually-aware glory as if it's part of AquaTouch.

If the default app bar is great, then AQT even closes up to let you use that! (a great example is safari. AquaTouch closes automatically so you can use safari's native bar instantly, but provides extra functions such as opening up special windows when you open AquaTouch up.)


This Preset is under active development, so please suggest features and report any bugs!

Stay up to date and follow this thread as more features will come, and many design changes and refinements will be made.

If you like this preset, Share it with your friends and comrades and also hit the vote button up at the top!

I’d also appreciate some feedback and any improvements that I should make. Feedback keeps me in the know of what to add or fix up for the next versions, and i’m quite lost without it.


Please take a look and see for yourself. Feel free to request, report bugs and suggest improvements, even criticise elements of the preset. I want to make this preset the best I can make it for the most people possible, so I really appreciate any kind of feedback!

Lastly, Vote this thread up if you support this work! :wink:



  • Download and install all assets listed above.

  • Open up the BetterTouchTool window, you should see "Welcome to AquaTouch" in the touch bar.

  • Follow AquaTouch setup instructions from the TouchBar from there on.

  • This preset is designed to be used with only two buttons in the control strip, the BTT button, and another button of your choice. For me, this is BTT button and media Play button.
    It's optimal if you remove all but one button from your control strip in the system settings, as volume and brightness can be controlled using gestures.

  • Note that a limitation of gestures requires you to open the BTT bar if it is not open before you swipe.
    To change the volume, open the BTT bar, then swipe. On applications that aren't supported by AQT, a gesture bar appears. You can swipe as usual on it but you can also quickly close the AQT bar by tapping it so you can continue to use the native buttons.

Version 3 - The next AQT!

Everything is even more neater, more useful and more convenient with Version 3's completely redesigned widget strip. This is my latest work. It's stable enough to use as a daily driver, but it hasn't been perfected so it might not be stable and may have a gimmicky feel. This is very experimental with a massive pile of new features being added, so it's not up to my standard of quality as of yet.

I feel that the “extension set” and “full set” terminology is kind of confusing people here in this forum, so I’ve decided to name them “extension set” and “replacement Set” now.

I'll also slowly change 'Control Strip' to 'AquaTouch strip'

AQT Version Naming Scheme

  • b0.0.0 - indicates that it is a beta. Betas are stable enough to be used daily but may have some bugs and incomlpete features that might not work. It’s the cutting edge version that is quite experimental.
  • v0.0.0 indicates a final stable (afaik) build.
  • X.0.0 - indicates a major redesign in the way AQT works.
  • 0.X.0 - indicates new app support and new features
  • 0.0.X - indicates a bugfix/hotfix release that fixes reported bugs.



Previous AQTv3 Betas:


This text will be hidden


Keep Striving ON - AquaTouch b3.0.2!

Important Installation Note:
After installing AQT b3.0.2, please:
tap the setup instructions button, then
tap EVERY option in the settings on and off.
This will set various variables required to ensure the new scripted triggers work properly with the new settings view.
I'm working on a smoother update experience, so hang on for that.

Important Usage Note:
The implementation of the settings and conversion of many triggers into applescript widgets may increase processor stress / battery drain. This is a beta and i'll need feedback about this to ensure that it's tamed enough for the full release.

What's new in b3.0.2:

Changed Version Number Format

  • The version number now has a 'b' in front of it rather than a 'v' to indicate that this is a beta.

Edited the Help Windows

  • Information about the operation of AQT3’s new functionality has been added.

    Edit: Just noticed that that SF widget support list has Facebook and Soundcloud missing. Next update :wink:

New Safari Widgets

Opera Support (extension set)

  • Just copying over from Google Chrome

Firefox Support

  • Tab/Navigation controls by @onaforeignshore! (he sent me a PM full of cool new changes. Looking into them for AQT b3.0.3.

New SETTINGS: (it's a big deal)

  • Toggle Haptics on/off
  • Toggle Control Strip Highlighting on/off
  • Toggle the Calendar Highlighting Behaviour (take your pick - highlight for calendar events, reminder tasks or for both)
  • Toggle the Escape Key Style
  • Refined look of the preferences set. (well, not sure about this one. I tried to go for a rainbow look but yeeeeehhh~)

"Attention to Detail" Changes

  • Control Strip Highlighting now applies while CS is open.
  • Added more Finder Quick Actions (it’s an extension set - so it will encourage you to use the native Finder TouchBar.
  • New ‘Haptics’ toggle in the Control view to easily disable gesture Haptics when you’re in a quiet area.
  • Haptics when using window snapping

Bug Fixes

  • Whatsapp set clashed with gesture bar - fixed
  • YouTube Safari Widget download button didn't work - fixed
  • Some Google Docs triggers didn't work - fixed

General Aesthetic Refinements (Alignment/Icon touchups)

  • AQT Settings
  • Google Drive SF Widget (Icon Reworks)
  • YouTube SF Widget (Icon Reworks)
  • AQT BTT Backend (AQT’s mechanics in the BTT window)
  • safari widgets are now visually grouped
  • neatening up of trigger list in the other tab
  • neatening up of touchbar trigger lists for some apps

Aqua-Touch b3.0.1

Here we are with another update! I've just been tweaking around whenever an idea popped into my head and I don't remember all of them, but here are all the changes I could remember.

AquaTouch-b3.0.1.bttpreset (22.4 MB)

NOTE: You must be familiar with Aqua-Touch before you use this. The setup process is still not updated fully to help you through setup, so you should use v2 for a while if you haven't used it before.

Caprine for Messenger Support

Atom IDE Now Supported.

Intuitive PasteCells let you quickly keep and insert text.
Known issue: sometimes very laggy and unresponsive

I think I added Telegram Support

Simple, Simple implementation of preferences allow you to change:

  • CS hold Actions
  • Haptic Feedback Styles
    (Head to the 'Other' section of triggers to set their actions)

Safari Widgets - Touch Bar for Websites!
If one of the supported sites are open, you'll see an extra button in the safari touch bar.

Right click the green window button to bring up window snapping
Thanks to @panda's "Visual Window Snapping" preset edited by @Jerosh!
You've been quoted within the code. Permission pending though, so it may be removed if upon request.

Control Strip Buttons Highlight on activity

Hide Desktop Icons toggle added to Controls view


  • OneNote Widgets now applied in format group
  • Stickies Mojave Fix for British English
  • PhotoBooth Layout Changes (more compatible)
  • General Fixes that I don't keep track of
  • Further cleanup of old AQT remnants

* You may see some work-in-progress things here and there.
* Help windows have not been updated for the new features of AQT3. You might be left confused about some features with no tips.


Older Versions:


2.2.1 Fixes:

'VLC Reopening' bugfix (i hope).
Added more "If VLC is open" statements to the code to prevent VLC scripts from opening VLC unintentionally.

Play Button Stability Improvements
Nothing much actually changed... I just reimported from GC-BTT and then put my modifications back in, but it seems to work better now.

Blank escape buttons in AfterEffects Fixed
Yep. It's fixed.

Recently Added in Version 2.2.0:

Added Whatsapp and Discord Support

Whatsapp shown above.

**Added VLC Support from vipersonic **

Tap the time displays on the left and right of the scrubber to skip ahead / skip back 10s
Includes playback speed control
Fullscreen button changes icon based on fullscreen state

Added Safari and Chrome Support (Just an Extension type layout)

  • Emojis
  • Shortcuts to ‘Favourites’ Grid and History
  • Restore Last Closed button
  • Safari Widgets

Layout improvements to After Effects. It's not a mess now.

Merge TouchBar iStats into the preset - One less thing to download initially
-- Game Mode has the option to display GPU, RAM temperatures.

Clean up Photoshop's 'Batch' Group

Clean up Skype Layouts, add a ‘new call’ button.

Small Step Brightness, Volume and Keeb Backlight with ⌥⇧ like system
External Display Brightness using ⌃⇧
External Display Brightness Small Step using ⌃⌥⇧

Implement GC-BTT’s new notification badge launch method (supports handoff)

Thanks to vipersonic's cool little VLC and Discord set for VLC and Discord!

Main preset:
Aqua-Touch_v2-2-0.bttpreset (13.3 MB)

Game Mode:
Aqua-Touch_v2-2-0_GameMode.bttpreset (640.1 KB)

You need to install and set up this plugin to use the CPU and FAN stats in gamemode:

  • I did change the measured CPU core, and that may differ for your computer so a bug here may occur.


What's New:
─ Stability Improvements to Calendar and Reminders Widgets

─ Improvements to connectivity options.

─ New (experimental) handling of Adobe apps that should activate on all versions.

─ I got Spotify (sigh) just to see and improve the Spotify widget. Appreciate it!

─ Holdable buttons are now noted with a small dot

─ B , I , U, S, H buttons in OneNote light up to the corresponding text selection

─ Stickies Style Toggles now indicate their state like OneNote. (exciting to play with)

*─ Auto-Setup button has been polished and does it’s job smoother. It’s notifications and restart now work properly.

─ Various other small visual and stability improvements, bug fixes.

Main preset:
Aqua-Touch_v2-1-0.bttpreset (12.6 MB)

Game Mode:
Aqua-Touch_v2-1-0_GameMode.bttpreset (459.9 KB)

You need to install and set up this plugin to use the CPU and FAN stats in gamemode:

  • I did change the measured CPU core, and that may differ for your computer so a bug here may occur.


Known Issue: The preset may be stuck with a 'Don't hold the BTT button again' message on import, which renders it unusable. Use the non-broken links to avoid this issue.

Main preset:
Aqua-Touch_v2-0-0.bttpreset (9.4 MB) [Broken Link]

Game Mode:
Aqua-Touch_GameMode_v2-0-0.bttpreset (459.6 KB) [Broken Link]

You need to install and set up this plugin to use the CPU and FAN stats in gamemode:

  • I did change the measured CPU core, and that may differ for your computer so a bug here may occur.

initial release

Main preset:

Game Mode:

You need to install and set up this plugin to use the CPU and FAN stats in gamemode:

  • I did change the measured CPU core, and that may differ for your computer so a bug here may occur.

“Aqua” is apple’s name for the macOS design language. Much like Google Material Design, it has its principals too.

So theres where the Aqua-Touch name came from, though I might think up a new name...

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Caliguvara C2 - my first update (great new Calendar Widgets, a totally new way to share your music, design fixes, and more)
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Triggerable conditional activation groups
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Possible to remove the "X" / "Close BTT" button on custom TouchBar setups?

Whoa man, this looks great. As someone who spends half their life in Photoshop, this really catches my eyes.

In your experience, is this faster than using any of the photoshop shortcuts that already exist (or that you can map)? I built a bunch of Photoshop functionality as well, but I found that my KB shortcuts were faster to use.

EDIT: Also, how the heck did you make those longer "backgrounds" on your buttons??


Can't wait to try this out! Do you have a link to your preset or is it still being prepared?


Yes, very, else I wouldn’t have made it XD
e.g. I didnt make pages, numbers and keynote replacements becaus I found they worked quite well, and I made “extensions” for apps that need a litttle boost in functionality but work well with their naitves.

I found that the photoshop controls are quite clunky to use, so I made my own.
Of course, all this is based on what I use, so it hasn’t been tested for what everyone uses.

As my tb design principals state, I don’t introduce useless clutter. Keystrokes that can be remembered and that aren’t used a lot aren’t included.

I do include heavy use tools into the touchbar such as the move tool, so my hands don’t need to go everywhere when I use photoshop. The move tool button also sticks, or persists when hopping into other tool groups, stayig there while you need it.

Quite hard to explain the experience design into this unless it’s field tested by you, but before that I would like to iron it all out and remove my personal private preferences before shipping out a beta.

Thanks for the feedback!


Awesome, can't wait to test it out!

Also - I figured out how you did the icons with larger boxes. Clever :stuck_out_tongue:


Help me add more functionality to BTT by heading over to feature requests and voting some cool suggestions!

eheh I kinda spam that forum...
I do want the ability to assign to spotlight though... quick launcher on spotlight... aaaahh

*those are not all posts from me. I sinply replied to them.


How do you manage to keep a group open when you change from one app to another and come back to the previous one?


Could you explain your situation more?


I am trying to do the same you're doing but for Lightroom, right now I have two groups, library and develop, and it's horrible when you switch for lets say chrome and go back to lightroom and your group is closed, did you find a way to manage that with the other adobe apps? or do you suggest something/another approach?


Keeping groups open while switching apps will soon be possible.


@yuuiko are you any closer to releasing a beta? Personally I really want to try out integrating this into my preset since I use Photoshop heavily... I'd even take an alpha, I bet I could figure things out from there. If you don't want it released, you could DM it to me?



No, my preset does not have this functionality (at the moment)

I didn't seem to realise this as an issue, haha~
i guess it would be convenient if they stayed open

GoldenChaos (and eveybody else)
I'm quite busy with schoolwork so expect very long delays.

A glimpse on it's condition:
Currently I'm just refining up the buttons and layouts as some sections where done on a whim and are very messy. Also I still have my personal buttons and things in here so gotta remove those

After that i'd need to figure out how to package this all in a neat way, with clear instructions on how to install (3rd party scripts and extensions, e.g. the game mode monitoring, etc.)

so yeh, It still has a lot of crude stuff going on.

GoldenChaos, I'll try send an 'alhpa' or 'development' copy to you if i get it up to a sendable standard, but don't expect it to come soon as i'm quite busy



@yuuiko you target the window itself in a special way with applescript or you just use the keyboard shortcuts from Adobe, for example the [ or ] to increase the brush size


i'm not too literate in scripts, so scripts are currently minimal... I would like to get more scripts in and do fancy stuff, but yeh, i'd need to learn.

An issue is i did change a lot of settings within apps to get the TB actions to match up with the app's keystrokes, and I don't quite remember the defaults or how to get others to set the same thing.

I think it would be great if some community improvements could be made as I feel it lacks polish in some areas that I wouldn't know how to implement an improvement, so when I get something up I would appreciate some help. Also about this, I don't regularly use some of the pro apps so button suggestions are appreciated!

Also, I'm still getting used to the whole 'how BTT works'


Just a heads up, I've (attempted to) upload the preset for use.

It's my first time uploading and I have a messy feeling about it all right now, but hopefully it is testable.

Thanks for your support!


Does anybody know how to make a group appear while spotlight is shown?

Is there a way to toggle BTT's 'show macOS controls' option via a button action? (for game mode)

I'm not too strong in code and applescript, by the way, but i have a basic understanding of it, and i'm open to expanding this understanding.


You can use the "Toggle BetterTouchTool Touch Bar" action and assign it to a keyboard shortcut or button :slight_smile:

It's currently not possible to detect spotlight (might be in the future)


I've tried this method, but getting it to close properly is quite a pain.

It won't disappear with cmd+space. I tried making a 'close spotlight' button within that menu, but it will open spotlight if the user closes it using cmd+space. In this preset it would be used for the quick launcher currently assigned to the finder, which is not optimal.

Also while you're reading this @Andreas_Hegenberg, Is there a way to toggle the 'macOS control strip' setting?
Maybe make a new 'set BTT setting' action.
This would be used for game mode.


Heads up, there's a huge update coming!

This update rids the left side 'X' while keeping the control strip, and integration Widgets from GoldenChaos-BTT! (thanks to @GoldenChaos!)

I've also done a heap of design tweaks and expanded on various apps. Here are only some of the many changes!

I'm still sifting through for bugs, also some of the new elements are still being integrated into all apps. I hope I can release it soon! I hope this preset will be helpful to you.


Version 2.0.0 is out! It seems stable enough on my end, but it's very experimental so tell me if anything goes wrong!


  • New Widget View! When you click the desktop, context-aware widgets appear reminding you of any upcoming events and reminders, and let you control and see all currently playing media with ease. New messages and notifications
  • The system 'X' button on the left has been removed. This preset flows so well with the system and switching between AQT and Native Touchbar views feels niice
  • New Automatic Setup buttons. They'll show up when you import the preset. You can just press this button and AQT will set the settings for you!
  • Major improvements to AfterEffects (though I don't use it professionally so feedback is appreciated with this)
  • Mouse Clicker tool has been reworked and is now beautiful.

  • Improvements to OneNote, includes a format picker now to easily format and tag your notes.
  • Hold the play button to quickly access expanded media controls and media widgets
  • Various small positioning, icon and aesthetic improvements.
  • Use of conditional activation groups where possible to make this preset very efficient. Repeated buttons are not always reloaded while switching apps, which saves power. This preset peaks at around 8-10% CPU maximum (when a large group opens, or the widget veiw is being loaded), and around 1-5% at idle.

@GoldenChaos, What do you think?


Hello @yuuiko, I'm on latest version of BTT and I've configured settings as described in Aqua Info, but nothing happens .. I'm only able to use gestures, but no buttons/icons appears on my bar .... Where am i wrong? :confused: Thanks