Aqua Touch V3.6.3 is not compatible with new AVTouchBar V.20 Beta

Describe the bug
Jake Fishman has just released a new program now in beta called AVTouchBar. It works (sorta of, as I type the TouchBar flashes with the normal controls for Firefox) with BTT Version 3.5.06. This program displays beautiful audio waveforms in the TouchBar, fully customizable. As anyone who works trying to write a program that uses Mac System Audio knows, there are no APIs from Apple to pull this off. After months of work, Jake has created this app and it is amazingly great, especially for a beta.

So with AquaTouch DE-activated, the color waveform displays in the touchbar. Activate Aqua-Touch, AvTouchBar does not work at all. It only shows up when the Application Window for AV Touchbar is active. Switch to Firefox or Spotify, the waveform is replaced by the controls for the app that is active.

DeActivate Aqua Touch and all is well. If I use Golden Chaos instead of Aqua Touch, the color waveform for AVTouchBar displays in other apps.

So, the problem is isolated to a bug in Aqua Touch 3.6.3

**Affected input device: TouchBar


Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MacBook Pro 2018 with TouchBar
  • macOS version: 10.15.7
  • BetterTouchTool version: 3.5.06

Access to the AVTouchBar beta costs $3 a month (cancel anytime) and can be found here: or watch the product announcement here:

Yokiko, can you maybe look into this and work with Jake to find the bug and squash it, so I can go back to using Aqua Touch??

Hey Norm - thanks for the kind words about the app.

After testing this myself, it does seem that when setting the Touch Bar setting "show BTT icon in control strip" to unchecked, and setting an app to "show default touch bar" the BTT icon still remains there, blocking the avtouchbar icon to open the visuals.

This is with show BTT icon in control strip unchecked, chrome open, and chrome set to show default touch bar with AQT enabled.

When it should be this (Default preset enabled)

It seems that this issue only happens inside AQT for me as well.

Also running MacBook Pro 2018 15 inch, Macos 10.15.7
Better Touch Tool version: 3.505

@yuuiko any thoughts or ideas? Could also be a BTT bug as well.

the problem is that macOS only allows one app to be in that location. So in this case the two of them conflict. There is no real solution, but you could disable the control strip item for BTT (however Aquatouch makes use of that control strip icon in various situations)

This could be solved if you additionally could package the visualizer as a BTT Plugin (sorry for not being helpful yet, had some super busy weeks - I’ll look into the plugin topic the coming days!)

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@Andreas_Hegenberg That makes sense. No worries and thanks! That's the eventual plan :slight_smile:.