AQT FAQ: Stuck Youtube Setup and Fix

Just tapping that message should automatically set it up for you.

Sorry for the late replies!

@Shroomis @iAmRenzo

Thanks for reply! Sorry to say that doesn’t work (for me) using latest version of Catalina. Any suggestion on where to start troubleshooting? Are there any logs etc? Could it be a problem with administrative permissions?

Doesn't work here either.

@iAmRenzo @shroomis

Head to safari preferences,
Advanced (i believe)
and “Show Develop Menu”.

Then, in the menubar hit
Develop > Allow Javascript from Apple Events

Tapping the widget was a way to do that automatically, but I’ll check it for catalina. I’m running it on catlina with no issues after setup.

Hm. Still getting "Setup YouTube widget"-message... Made sure "Allow Javascript from Apple Events" is on. Here is video of error and setup:

I see, your system isn’t in english and this is probably the issue. AQT does reference the menubar in english so it may not be fully stable for you. I’ll see if I can account for other languages but it seems uncertain

In the meantime you can disable the instructions in the BTT config:

(note that you’ll need to re-do this every update if I can’t fix it as this type of modification can’t be saved across updates)

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I have this issue as well. No fix.

Running MBP 2016, 10.14.6 Mojave.

Hi @thomascanndrum!

Have you updated to the latest AQT?

Otherwise it might be a Mojave issue as I've only tested on Catalina

I have. Thank you for the this latest version. Since updating, this was the first time I’m seeing this issue or even the need to enable JavaScript etc. I can’t go to Catalina due to my profession being music plugins and DAW which are slow to catch on to how Apple handles storing data these days.

Hmm strange, enabling JS was always required, but maybe in previous versions there was no tutorial

Is your system and youtube in english and have you enabled JS in safari? Otherwise i've had issues with system language before.

I also don't recommend Catalina, It's been very troublesome for me honestly

Set to English. Not sure what's wrong to be honest. I'm trying to enable the scrubber and timeline. It redirects me to the "Setup youtube Widget". I've enabled develop in Safari and Javascript from Apple Events. I decided to go to youtube, enable javascript inspector, and attempt to use the widget. This is what I'm getting. I am by no means whatsoever a programmer. Maybe this is helpful. Maybe not.


Strange, Never had this issue before... Have you tried the below to make sure?

hi, this is also exactly what I have now.

  1. my touchbar shows this:

  2. even though my safari is setup

  3. I also removed disabled the Youtube Setup Wizard as you mentioned. But only the Picture in Picture buttons and enlarge video buttons work. The play/forward, scrubbing doesn't work.

BTT 3.346
Aquatouch v3.5.8a
Macbook Pro 16 Catalina 10.15.4, English

To add, the controls on this part works with YouTube. Play / pause works without problem

I had a similar issue with the setup widget. There are additional setup widgets in these folders you may also have to disable to get the message to go away.

The above steps worked fine! I have the scrubber and timeline again!


could you try pasting the following in terminal and tell me what shows up for me? (do them one by one

defaults read IncludeDevelopMenu
defaults read AllowJavaScriptFromAppleEvents

Ok, I did this again and realised you need to do step 5: File > Save Changes.

That did the trick for me.

Thanks for your help! I did went there and saw it was already disabled (??). Then I tried @yuuiko suggestion again, but found out I need to save it. Was that the trick, not sure. I did delete aqua touch and redownload it again to be sure, but it seems that it was still disabled for me (??).

could you try pasting the following in terminal and tell me what shows up for me? (do them one by one)

defaults read IncludeDevelopMenu
defaults read AllowJavaScriptFromAppleEvents