AppSwitcher not showing app icons

On 3.252 the AppSwitcher widget just shows blank space. I have it as a global item that, along with some others, always sits on the right side of the touchbar (Display Order 0). In this version, the space that it normally takes (200px) is blank and tapping there does nothing.

Thank you! (All related to some internal changes I made, but they will be worth the bugs :-))
Should be fixed in 3.255!

Thanks Andreas... the switcher's icons show up now in v3.261 and it works, but two issues: (1) it also displays the Mac's Alt-Tab interface for switching apps (the row of large icons on the screen) and leaves it open, and (2) the first time I used the widget, it showed a pop-up suggesting I consider something in Preferences: Action settings . But I looked in the Prefs window and didn't see anything like that. Can you tell me what you are referring to, how it is used, and how it differs from the widget?

Are you sure you haven't accidentally attached the predefined action "Application Switcher" somewhere? I don't think the widget itself has any code that could cause this behavior.

I just checked the config (still getting used to the new config - used the old one for so long). and yes, somehow the application switcher action was assigned along with the app switcher widget. really don't think I made that change as I wasn't aware of that predefined action (any chance any update added it?). anyway, I removed it (so "assigned action" is "no action") and all is good.

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