Apps that don't use the default keyboard APIs


On GitHub I raised an issue around some apps that I use that I cannot get keyboard shortcuts in the Touch Bar...

Is there any update on this feature?


Did you try the latest version?
I had similar issue in the past (with iterm2) but with recent version of BTT/OSx this is perfectly handle without any issue.



I have the latest and have noticed no change - perhaps I am doing it wrong (likely)?


I have tried further - and I cannot get this to work.

My use case is simple - I create a custom button that is a short cut (EXIT) to a Function Key (say F8) - globally as a test case (even though I plan to setup per app buttons).

In an app I want to use custom BTT keys for (in this case RetroArch) I go to the hotkey binds and select EXIT, press my Exit BTT button and F8 shows in RetroArch - so my mapping is being picked up by the app in the menu.

Pressing my custom BTT button does not quit the app as I have setup, pressing FN+F8 quits the app..

So shortcuts to Function keys work "partially"...

Frustration ensues :frowning:


Any more thoughts on this - I am sure my use case is not that rare?


In general this should work fine, I can't seem to reproduce it here.
However maybe RetroArch does some special things that can not be handled by BTT. Maybe you can use the predefined action "trigger menubar menu-item" instead to trigger what you need.