Application Switcher Conflicts?

If you have an application-specific hotkey that conflicts with keystrokes used by MacOS's application switcher, is there a way to make BTT treat the application switcher as the frontmost app (therefore negating the conflict)?

Hypothetically, let's say that I have Safari set up to go Back and Forward using command and the left (for Backward) or right (for Forward) arrow keys. If I'm using Safari, and I want to use MacOS's application switcher (not BTT's), I would trigger it using the default command and tab keys. And, with the application switcher still open, I can advance through the applications the usual way, by pressing tab a bunch of times OR using the left and right arrow the keys (while holding down the command key).

Unfortunately, even with the application switcher open (i.e., displaying your open apps), BTT still respects Safari as the frontmost app in this scenario, meaning that you can no longer use the right or left arrows to move through your open apps in the application switcher (while holding command, obviously). In other words, when you use these key combinations, Safari will go Back and Forward (and the application switcher will not advance to the left or right throw your open apps).

Is this the correct behavior? Shouldn't BTT know when MacOS's application switcher has been triggered, and know to ignore whatever hotkeys someone has set to a specific app (via itself - i.e., app-specific hotkeys set in BTT)? This seems like a bug. For example, with the application switcher open, if I use command and the Q key to quit an app that is not my frontmost app, the application switcher doesn't also quit my frontmost app (the same is true for Hide, etc.). If this isn't a bug, how do I fix it?

Thanks for your help!

Unfortunately there is no way I know of to detect whether the application switcher is currently active ;-(

:cry: OK, thanks for letting me know