AppleScript slider widget uses cpu after group close

When AppleScript slider widget is in a group, when the group is closed the widget seems to persist and is not terminated.
At first I noticed that BTT seems to be using cpu usage (specially the applescript runner process) even when I have no widget that uses applescript. I was able to narrow it down to the slider widget in one of my groups by trial and error (btw is there an easier way to debug and see what is running?).

macOS 11.0.1
macbook pro m1
BTT: 3.508

Just want to clarify that this happens to ANY "apple script slider widget" that is on repeat.
It can be replicated by creating a group and creating an "apple script slider widget" that repeats (e.g. every 2s) consisting of the following :

do shell script "echo HI >> ~/Desktop/debug.txt

then when you open the group the slider's script the script runs on repeat as expected. But the script keeps on running even after the group is closed.

debug file can be monitored using the following command:

tail -f ~/Desktop/debug.txt