Applescript editor and execution not working properly

Device information
MacBook Pro (2017), running the MacOS Ventura (13.0)

BTT version
Version 3.936

Affected device
Applescript aspects of BTT.

Description of the bug
As per the latest update, all of my Applescripts are starting to act weird - they seem to take a unusually long time to run (to the point where some of the scripts are no longer usable). For example, I have a version of your "Touch & Slide buttons for brightness & volume" that no longer works, as it takes too long to execute. Along with this problem, the Applescript editor takes significant time to just do the "Compile / Test" functionality, with the execution of the script itself also taking a long time - even for very simple scripts. The problem has made Applescript somewhat unstable in BTT. One time it even crashed BTT, but unfortunately I did not manage to save the crash log.

The described problem only seems to affect Applescripts, as all of my shell scripts and other widgets run just fine with no problems. The problem with Applescripts seeming unstable in BTT is something I have experienced before in previous updates (a long time ago), but eventually got fixed, so I am hoping there is a fix for it this time around also.

If anything else is needed, I will be happy to provide additional information.

(I have, of course, tried restarting both BTT and my system - to no avail).

if you have one script running on your system that takes a long time to run (even outside of BTT), it can block all other apple script execution. Maybe you can think of any apple script that has changed?

In general there haven’t been any reports of apple script issued with the latest BTT release. So I don’t think this is a problem with the update.

Thanks for the quick answer! I can't think of any changes to any scripts that has been made - but if there are no other reports of others experiencing this issue, it is likely an issue on my end.

There shouldn't be any other scripts running, in- or outside BTT - but I didn't know that those could block other Applescript executions and affect BTT in that way. But wouldn't that also affect shell scripts, if other scripts were the cause?

I know now that this is likely an issue on my end, but thanks for your time nonetheless :slight_smile:

it would only be apple scripts (the system can in some cases only execute one apple script in parallel and will put the others in a queue until the previous finished)

Huh, that sounds like that might be the case here - guess I will have to do some "cleaning" on my scripts.

But huge thanks for your help, Andreas, and thank you for making BTT - which, apart from my issue, has been running flawlessly! I have been an avid user of BTT for years, and will be for years to come.