Apple Script Help: Check if an app is running [HazeOver]

changed the apple script in btt to
tell application "HazeOver" to set intensity to 70
but now the button doesnt show on my touchbar...

You don't really understand Apple Script, do you? :sweat_smile: the code you entered was an example code from the dev, that dims the light by 70%.
You'll have to open Script Editor, select the Menu Bar Item Dictionary, search HazeOver, find the command you need and make it a short script.

lol i really dont

i tried this, still didnt understand it. if you dont wanna help, thats fine :blush:

I think this script should do it (didn't install HazeOver though)

tell application "HazeOver"
	return enabled
end tell

Set the regex to false if your Alternate Button Icon is the one to display if HazeOver is disabled.

And if this is the solution maybe hit the "Solution" button under this comment to help others not to read the whole topic xD

ayyy thanks very fricken much for your patience, that worked!!!! youre a legend