Apple Script and select all in new UI

I'm kinda super pissed right now.

  • Have Apple Script Widget opened and the script in the overlaying window
  • Hit ⌘A to select it all
  • For some reason the window was not selected, so click somewhere in the window and hit ⌘A again
  • The script is selected, now paste the script you desire (I needed to replace a script from one apple widget with something I wrote in the Script Editor)
  • Close the window and find that all of your Apple Script widgets now have the script you just pasted into one window
  • ⌘Z not possible (of course, it's not fun otherwise)

This is how my Touch Bar looked before

And now, mail icons everywhere (my script should display that icon)

After I checked, the script that displays the mail icon is in literally every apple script widget, replaced the original scripts.

Man, you need to fix the priorities of your windows!!

v.2.839 on a MacBook Pro 15" 2019 running macOS 10.14.5

Undo should work, however every element counts as one undo operation, so you will need to press it many times.

Alternatively try the new help => restore backup :wink:

Maybe I'll run the script window modally, although that would loose some flexibility.

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The script window is now running modally in v2.841 (will be online in a few minutes), at least for now. Maybe I'll be able to add a better solution in the future

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Thanks a lot! It's not the first time that my triggers are selected instead of the script, or that I can't paste something because the script window isn't considered "frontmost", but I just realized how easy it is for one to make a great mess if you do not pay attention :slightly_smiling_face:
Luckily I'm into backups and have multiple of them :wink:

Thanks for the reply and work in the late evening!

I press the Export button so many times the text is wearing off. Ever have a professor shut down the network and all computers while you were working? You learn to save frequently...

Maybe an Auto-TEMP-Export feature would be a nice Idea :bulb:

If I could set a filename for Auto-Export (Not overwriting my preset file), might be a nice safety net. I too lost about 30 minutes of work in BTT due to a bug.

I normally save/export every 5 minutes when editing preset, but may help some people.

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