Apple rumoured to be dumping Touch Bar

This would be a great disappointment.

I'm kind of indifferent about that. On the one hand the Touch Bar is great, on the other hand physical keys are also great. Maybe it will come back at some point with something like oled keycaps on a phyiscal key or a trackpad that is basically a display. Technology advances, maybe the Touch Bar was not the right way to achieve dynamic keys.

When apps start to drop Touch Bar support BTT will still be there to create custom bars :slight_smile:


I like it because it avoids my having to remember shortcut combinations. My feeling is that it's a good idea poorly implemented.
If they do dump it, I see it making touch screen more desirable.

We'll see, I guess.

Yep, Apple basically abandoned the Touch Bar right after they released it. No new features, no customizability, no API's for developers (BTT needs to make use of undocumented API to achieve what it does)

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Yeah, I tried working with it for some stuff I was doing for Lightroom but gave up when I couldn't get it to work globally. Your work in BTT has been a godsend, so thanks for that.

Dang, this sucks. I prefer the Touch Bar because I can customize it for exactly what I need to do.

I was disappointed by touchbar UNTIL i discovered BTT, now i love it. Apple can learn a lot from you !

I guess the ultimate solution for apple would be to have physical keys but ALSO a touchbar too just above it :slight_smile:

How do you guys figure any of this out if it's undocumented?

But thanks for doing it :slight_smile:

Touchbar would have been tremendous if it was located in the bottom of the lid right under the screen.
They way it is now - it's rather harmful.
But because these macbooks exist now, the apps will be forced to support touchbar at least for a decade.

Even if (when) touchbar goes away, BTT is a great tool. I have already started moving my info widgets to menu bar.