App touchbar keeps disappearing

so, my MacBook is new and I'm new to BTT, so sorry if I express myself wrong.
I've created a Video group for the Touchbar where I keep links for Netflix, Prime and so on.
Now, every time I open an app, e.g. Chrome, Chrome's specific touchbar disappears and shows me only the one with the Video group.
If I tap the left cross, the Chrome touchbar returns but disappears after a while to show me again the Video group.
Furthermore, if I want to bring up my BTT touchbar, if I tap on the BTT icon, I have to tap it twice in order to open it. Is it intended?

Could you upload the preset you created? I think I might not understand correctly how you have configured this.

Not sure if I've exported it correctly.Default.bttpreset (196.4 KB)

The export looks good, but unfortunately I can't see a reason why the Touch Bar would disappear. Does this happen without you touching the BTT icon on the Touch Bar?

Are you on a new M1 MacBook Pro? If so, the tap twice issue will be resolved with the next alpha version of BTT (should be available in a few minutes via "check for alpha version updates)

Yep, new M1 :slight_smile:

Thanks for this ^^ I also replied to a topic regarding the translation btw, I'd like to help you :slight_smile:

Have a wonderful evening!