App specific touchbar settings for application ScreenBrush

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg,
I just bought ScreenBrush app, available from app store (it's free, but has limited features - still enough to test)

This is a first app in a long time in which I want to disable BTT touchbar - but unfortunately, the app works in a way that it opens some kind of overlay over the screen and allows you to draw on it. It doesn't open any windows and I can't seem to find any process by which I could create an activation group.

If you have time, I'd be very glad if you could have a look and see if its possible to somehow detect that screenbrush overlay is opened and set up a btt in a way so it does not show my custom touchbar.

If that's not possible, then I guess I'll create additional action with a string variable, and by its value (0/1) I'll determine if the overlay is opened... But it reaally seems like a nasty workaround.

Thanks in advance!

how is screen brush activated and dismissed? unfortunately these sort of overlays can not be detected without big performance impact, but maybe the toggle Touch Bar action could be found to the trigger that opens/closes screenbrush

By default, it's activated via Option + Tab afair. I've already remapped it though. Alright, if you say that'd be heavy on performance then I'll probably add a toggle touchbar action to the keyboard shortuct that activates ScreenBrush