App specific touch bar remains upon app switching

I have the BetterTouchTool-touchbar only enabled for some specific apps; the MacOS control strip is always visable. When I am in an app with the BetterTouchTool-touchbar (with some custom buttons; the little ⊗ is in the left-hand corner) and I then switch to any other application, where I have not set a BetterTouchTool-touchbar—so the default touchbar for this app should show—nothing happens and the BetterTouchTool-touchbar for the previous app remains in effect. Moreover, the buttons apply to the new app.

For instance, I have in TexShop a button to typeset (create a PDF from a LaTeX file), which is just a way of executing the keyboard command ⌘+T. If I switch from TexShop to Chrome, the TexShop custom BetterTouchTool-touchbar remains; pressing my ‘typeset’-button on it opens a new tab in Chrome (because also there the command is ⌘+T).

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: 13" MacBook Pro 2018
  • macOS version: 10.14.2
  • BetterTouchTool version: 2.681 (2.680b and 2.680 have the same issue)

I have now downgraded back to 2.667 and the issue is not present in this version.

Thanks for reporting should be fixed in v2.682 which is now available.

I have updated to the latest version (2.683). Now the custom BetterTouchTool-touchbar does not show up in TexShop at all. When I uncheck “Hide BetterTouchTool Touch Bar if nothing to show (no actions configured)” the issue described above is once again present.

I hope I have identified the issue and fixed it in 2.684 (if not, it would be great if you'd go to the about tab in BTT and click the "export debug info" button. This will create a folder called BetterTOuchToolDebug that you can send to

The issue is once again present in 2.684 as described above, independent of the aforementioned checkbox. I have emailed the debug information to you.

One more try, could you check whether 2.685 works for you?

Yes, it's fixed here. Nice work, thank you!