App specific Shell script widget: Run once when app starts, then every n seconds as specified

Instead of only having the option to "Always run when widget becomes available," it would be nice to have the option to run ONCE the FIRST time the widget becomes available. Then, it will execute every n seconds as the current functionality dictates.

Also to be clear, for app specific shell scripts, they don't run if the widget is in the background correct?

It's available! Check the "Named & Other triggers" section!

Thank you for the reply. Could you point me to the right spot?

Bumping this. I see the trigger under "Other names and triggers," but I don't see how to set it up. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

I completely forgot about this!

Then, use the Bug Blue Plus to add an action "Run Shell script…" with your script.

Yeah, but I want to update the specific app buttons once on launch, and then every n seconds (I know how to do the second part). I'm still unsure of how to do that. If it's not possible, I can always just write to a script n seconds and read that script, so it will persist through restarts etc. @Caliguvara

For that, create a conditional activation group using the plus button in the lower left corner :slightly_smiling_face: