App quits when last window is closed

Hi there, BTT gives the option to make the red button a “quit button” instead of a “close button.” The problem with that is, no matter how many windows you have open of the same app, the red button then quits all of the windows. Is there a way to have the red button close as usual, unless I am closing the last window of an app. Then the red button would quit the app, because no other windows are open. This would make Mac work like Windows (which I think makes a lot more sense personally). Thanks for any help!

I'm not sure if this'll help, but in macOS, ⌘W closes the frontmost window. ⌘Q quits an app, but some apps will ask about saving each window.
Some apps quit when the last window is closed. Others do not. That depends on whether it makes any sense to have the app open with no windows open. (Or at least that's the theory.)

Yeah thanks. I am aware of those shortcuts. Just seems like Mac should quit the app when the last window is closed. And BTT does attempt to help with this by giving you the ability to change the red button to quit. But it would be great if the red button could close as usual and quit when closing the last window.

Basically it’s the RedQuits app functionality that I was looking for in BTT. It’s just that Redquits is very inconsistent. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.