Any way to mimic Windows' swiping behavior for volume?

I used four finger swiping up/down in Windows to adjust volume, and have been able to get close to mimicking how it behaves using BTT on my MBP's touchpad, with a few caveats that I am wondering if are possible to overcome.

  1. I have to lift fingers off the touch pad between changes. In Windows, you can swipe up and down without having to "reset" by lifting fingers from the touchpad. I haven't been able to figure out there is some BTT setting to change this, so

  2. Input registers and volume changes even when not actively swiping up/down. So if I just want to change the volume a small amount, I have to accurately time when I lift my fingers off the touchpad, otherwise if I start the up/down movement on and stop but don't lift my fingers, BTT still registers it as being input and will turn the volume up to max/min until I lift my fingers.

I've been able to get by just fine this way but if its possible to change, that would be awesome!