Any way to edit the code of a .bttpresetzip?

If there is a .bttpreset file, it's easy to open it in VS Code or something, then edit it like a .json file.

But for the bigger presets like Aquatouch, it's a .bttpresetzip file not .bttpreset so you can't do what I just described.

What I've tried so far:

  1. Change the .bttpresetzip extension to .zip
  2. Unzip the new file
  3. edit the presetjson.bttpreset in VS Code, then save it
  4. Compress the unzipped folder again
  5. Change the extension from .zip back to .bttpresetzip

This just gives me an error when I try to import it to BTT though, something about not being able to read the file. Is there some other step I'm missing? Or am I doing this completely wrong?

The main reason I want to do this is to be able to use find and replace to change things like the corner radius of all the buttons. I'm sure there are other uses too though.

BTT is using the Gzip format, so you'd need to zip it using gzip. I have never tried that though, it is possible that the integrated algorithm is slightly different. However I think if you rename the folder with the preset contents to ***.bttpresetbundle you will be able to import that as well without compressing it first.