Any way I can get BTT to stop restarting every time my screen wakes up?

Any way I can get BTT to stop restarting every time my screen wakes up?
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@Andreas_Hegenberg Is there any chance of getting this restarting to stop?

@Andreas_Hegenberg Hmm... Uh, please?

It shouldn't do that. Do you maybe have the "restart after sleep" option enabled? (off by default)

@Andreas_Hegenberg That setting is not enabled for me.

Could it be related to what you mentioned here?:

that was changed sometime last year. Current versions should only restart if that option is checked.

Is it maybe crashing for some reason (are there crashlogs in the macOS console app?)

No crash logs in the Console app.
Well, now you got me second guessing myself haha... I just closed the lid of my laptop and it didn't restart, and then put it to sleep with the Apple menu option to Sleep and it didn't restart when it came back up, either...
Let me keep an eye on it and I'll check the Console app the next time I notice it restarting on its own.
Thanks, @Andreas_Hegenberg!

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Here based on a search to figure out how to automate restarting BTT because it breaks a quarter of the time upon machine wake (m1 max 64GB latest monterey 12.0.1) Thank you for pointing me to the auto restart on wake option.

I will first enable the higher priority process helper install and see if it improves it first.

BTT still by far the most important third party software to install on macOS. For that alone my hat is off to @Andreas_Hegenberg and best of luck in the quest to resolve the periodic need for restart.

@oceansurf Did you get to the bottom of this? I'm also seeing BTT restart after my Mac has been sleeping for some time.

If I put the Mac to sleep for a short time, BTT seems to still be running when it wakes. But if the Mac has been asleep for a longer period, often when it wakes BTT is missing from the menubar and my Mac doesn't respond to clicks for several seconds while BTT restarts.

that’s weird, does it maybe crash for some reason? (are there any crashlogs in the macOS console app in the „crash logs“ section?)

Nothing for BTT in the crash logs section unfortunately.

For a moment I thought I may have resolved it by re-enabling App Nap in System Preferences. But it's still happening, albeit less often.