Any reason BTT "restarts" when I lift the lid on my MacBook Pro? (from sleep)

Whenever I open the lid on my MBP, BTT appears to "restart" as though it had been closed when I put it to sleep. What's going on? I'd prefer BTT just stay running even while my MBP is asleep. Please help!

BTT reinitializes after each sleep, to do this it restarts itself (because BTT uses many undocumented APIs that seems to be the only reliable way).

Has always been like this :wink:

Serious question: can you look into a workaround for the "flash" of loading widgets in that case? Having BTT appear to restart every time is jarring. Perhaps you could capture a screenshot of the last Touch Bar state and show that while everything is loading, then fade transition to the actual UI. This is similar to a trick that iOS uses to make many apps "feel like they launch faster". It would be perfect here.

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Hmm, okay. Well, I use Mos ( for smooth scrolling when I'm using my mouse - and it ends up reversing my scroll direction (bc I have BTT's reverse scroll option turned on for my mouse) every time BTT restarts itself.
So I have to manually have to restart Mos every time I lift the lid, ever since I started using Mos. Any chance you could integrate Mos's smooth scrolling code ( into BTT?

Yes, please do! This also happens after simply unlocking or even just waking the screen (without intermediate system sleep), and even with a very light Touch Bar setup it means you have to wait several seconds before you can use basic functions like screen brightness, volume etc. again.

If it's really not possible to do anything better here, I'd prefer a simple "BTT re-initializing..." message instead of first a flash of the system Touch Bar setup and then the BTT Touch Bar rebuilding itself part by part.

Unfortunately that's not possible. While BTT is restarting it can not show anything on the Touch Bar.

It might be possible to reduce the flash caused by rebuilding the layout, but parts of that currently need to happen visibly. I'll continue to look into this.

I've done this by pre-formatting the widgets to be less harsh, then they update themselves to the active look.

In this video I chose not to format them as completely invisible to show that BTT is loading and not freezing (which causes confusion).


  • You may not see it clearly but the text of the widets are 50% opacity while they're loading
  • Try Safari if the video does not work.


Hey @Andreas_Hegenberg, I understand the limitations here, but is there anyway to have the location of the menubar icon persistent between loads? I use Bartender in my menu bar and everytime I unlock my laptop the menubar icon moves to the left of all my icons.