Any call of update_trigger will initiate the update of the widget

Hello! I am using this wonderful application. I'm programmer and make convenient widgets for myself.

Problem: when call update_trigger in Javascript widget for update another button, the update of the widget is initiated, and run widget code in recursion.

For example:

var BetterTouchTool = Application('BetterTouchTool');

BetterTouchTool.update_trigger("90B3A84D-E0F9-4539-BC70-7FDB1A38352B", {json: JSON.stringify({"BTTTouchBarButtonName": "test"})});

"555" + Math.random(123)

90B3A84D-E0F9-4539-BC70-7FDB1A38352B - any other button

From which widget are you calling this?




What exactly do you want to update/achieve?

I corrected the report, it was an error.

I have the task to get menu from the site and display it on the panel on opening a group
I can't add additional action to the opening of the group, so I created a JavascriptWidget in the group.
In this widget, I get the menu from the site and update the buttons that are in the group.
When i call .update_trigger for update any button, the widget is updated and its code is called again (setted parameter: always run when widget becomes visible).

This problem is only in JavascriptWidget. AppleScript is OK.

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