Am I at the right place? I want to add space after my escape button

I'm new to the touch bar. I like it, but it would be better for me if the escape button were more to the left and had some space after it, especially if the button next it is the browser back button. I experimented with the trial, but it's not super-intuitive how I might accomplish this. So, I thought I would ask before I spent too much more time with it.

Thanks in advance!

BetterTouchTool → TouchBar → Settings → and there you should find what you Need. I'm on the iPad rn if needed I can furnish a screenshot tomorrow.

Keep in mind though that Apple does not allow any modification of the standard Touch Bar!

Thanks. I looked there but I don't see any of those options making a difference. Even if I try to make it specific for Chrome, I don't see it adding a button in-between the escape and back buttons. That's my goal.


Oh wait. Are you talking about the standard Touch Bar or what BetterTouchTool can display you?

Here is what I'm trying to do.

It's my one complaint about the Touch Bar. As I try to tap the Esc button, I hit the back button instead and sometimes loose what I have in the browser.


Unfortunately that's not possible. BTT can only completely replace the default Touch Bar with a custom one, but it's not possible to modify the existing Touch Bar.

So, I can create a new one for Chrome and Safari, with all the same buttons and the spacing I prefer, to replace the standard touch bar?

Exactly. You can't change the native appearing of the touchbar, but you can personalize what you see if you toggle the BTT button.
Or you could replace apple's solution and make the touchbar do whatever you want (also just for some specific applications).

Notice that I didn't find a way to reproduce some of the basic stuff from the touchbar, such as the tab preview in safari.

Thanks. I think I'm getting the hang of it and understanding how it works. I created a small replacement for the Chrome touch but when it's active and I Cmd+Tab to the the Application Switcher, the ESC button doesn't cancel the Application Switcher view.