Always show BTT touch bar everywhere?

Hi! How can I show the BTT Touch Bar everywhere by default, for all apps, regardless of whether or not the apps appear in the left side bar (new UI)?

If I select "All Apps" and set "Touch Bar Configuration" to "Show BetterTouchTool Touch Bar—HIDE macOS Control Strip", that setting takes effect for all apps except for those specific apps that I have in the left side bar, which are only there because I have customized their mouse/keyboard behavior, not because they have any special Touch Bar behavior.

I am trying to avoid having to go through each and every app I have configured in BTT and selecting "Show BetterTouchTool Touch Bar" for each.


That's the default. Everything you add to "All Apps" will always be visible (unless you actively hide the BTT Touch Bar or override it using the app specific settings you described)

Thank you, I can no longer reproduce this behavior.

I think maybe I was confused because BTT remembers whether the BTT Touch Bar is active on a per-app basis (which is probably good and correct). The BTT Touch Bar kept closing when I focused Chrome, which is an application for which I have trackpad configurations in BTT, so for some reason I thought I needed to change its "Touch Bar Configuration" setting to fix this. Unless/until I can prove otherwise, this is just bad troubleshooting or misunderstanding on my part. Apologies and thanks again for your quick response!

And thank you for writing BTT!