All triggers stop working in 3.161 and 3.162

The app itself launches and operates normally. However, none of the actions work. The system simply doesn't respond to any triggers.

Affected BTT version:
Tested to be problematic in version 3.161 and 3.162. No problem in version 3.160 and earlier.

Host Machine:
iMac Late 2012, macOS 10.11.6

I'm seeing the same issue. All of my keyboard shortcuts no longer work on version 3.161 and 3.162. I rolled back to 3.160 and everything works fine (issue not reproducible).

@blee are you also using macOS 10.11?

what kind of triggers are you both using? Could somebody forward me an export of your preset to

@Andreas_Hegenberg I'm running macOS 10.14.5. I'll send you my preset.

Thank you! I think I see (it only affects Keyboard Triggers in some configurations if I'm not mistaken).

Version 3.163 is currently building and will be available in about 10 minutes, it should fix the issue.

Mouse button trigger don't work either. I'll give 3.163 a try.

I can confirm 3.163 fixes this issue for me. Thanks a lot, Andreas.

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Awesome, thanks for the help!

Looks like it's working for me in version 3.164. Thanks, Andreas!