Alias in Launch Application / Open File action not updated when alias target changes

MacBook Pro Ventura 13.3 BTT 4.318

I have an action to launch a file, with a manually-entered file path pointing to an alias. The alias points to a Mac application (the bundle, not the executable inside).

The purpose of the alias is so that I can always launch the latest build of my app. When I do a build, the alias is updated to point to the latest build. The alias works correctly in the Finder and also as a favorite in DefaultFolderX, but BTT doesn't get the message that the alias now points to a new item and keeps opening the item it pointed to when the action was created, unless I open BTT's config and reassign it.

If you need to use the alias, you can provide the path manually in the launch app action:

When using the button to select a file, BTT will resolve it to the final destination.
I'm not sure I fully understood whether you already did this, but when entering manually BTT doesn't save the target of the link, it uses the exact path entered.

If that doesn't work for some reason you could use a terminal command action and call "open /the/path/to/your/file"

Thanks. I'm unable to manually enter a path, probably due to some escaping issue, as my path has spaces and an ampersand in it. I tried pasting the path as given by the Finder's Copy As Pathname function, and also the escaped version given by Terminal, but in both cases BTT clears the path field as soon as I click Save. How should the path be escaped?

Screen Recording 2024-02-07 at 8.17.34 AM

Mhh ampersands or spaces should not be a problem. Could you post a full example path? (Or send to in case it contains sensitive data.)

Doesn't work:

/Users/Julia/Projects & Docs/PDI/Projects/PDI/Xojo Deployment Tool/Deployment/Xojo Deployment

Doesn't work:

/Users/Julia/Projects\ &\ Docs/PDI/Projects/PDI/Xojo\ Deployment\ Tool/Deployment/Xojo\ Deployment\



Very strange, I seem to be able to save that path. However I'm on macOS Sonoma, maybe it makes some difference. I'll check.

I restarted BTT and updated when prompted, FWIW, but the issue persists.