After sleep, global touchbar widgets are not visible


bumped to 2.654 -> I'll send you logs at the end of the day, once I use my mac a little bit :slight_smile:


Also moved to 2.654. Thanks for the quick update. FWIW - The backlight sleep did't help, started this morning having to toggle BTT. Moving back to my "normal" settings to test the new alpha.


2.654 seems to be working. Touch Bar is showing up when the computer wakes. Mildy annoying however in that any time the display sleeps, BTT restarts and it won't let me type while it does so.


Also been working all day for me, no issues of BTT not showing on touchbar after sleep. As @Doa said though, it does seem like it is restarting on every wake, not just showing though.


So far, I have only noticed one time that the Touch Bar didn't show properly, but it reset itself right as I notices and all is well. Tentatively - it seems to be working :slight_smile:


Work perfectly after upgrade to v2.654!


Awesome! Glad the new workaround is helping.
I have streamlined that a bit, so the restart should be a little bit smoother in v2.656 alpha!

I'll report the issue to Apple, so it will hopefully be back to the pre-mojave behavior with macOS 10.14.2


so far so good on my end!


I saw the auto-reset too after the latest update!


@Andreas_Hegenberg could you perhaps consider the new solution that works for everyone to be optionally disable-able? I mean a checkbox that'd allow to turn it off would be great, because in my case it used to work OK even pre 2.654 and current approach is noticably slower (I mean, the time between full boot after restart lasts about 2secs in my case, and during that time I cannot do anything that requires BTT).

Also when this gets fixed (hopefully) in next mojave release, perhaps this could be helpful then? To just use the native solution?


Resolved for me! No more issues over the last week since installing V2.660. Thanks for working so hard on this head scratcher :slight_smile:


Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg, do you know if the new release of MacOS 10.14.2 fixes the wake notification bug that you reported? And if so, do you anticipate updating BTT to revert to the previous design (which seemed to be a bit more seamless in terms of launching upon wake). Thanks!


I have not checked yet, but if it is fixed I'll revert to the old solution!