Advanced Conditions: Thumb OR Finger?

@Andreas_Hegenberg, sorry, I want something to happen when the thumb or 1 finger is on the left side of the trackpad. This is the thumb and it works fine

But how do I add "or 1 finger"? Thank you :pray:

You can use a condition like this:

(thumb_x_percent >= 30 AND thumb_y_percent >= 1) OR (leftmost_touch_x_percent <= 30 AND fingers_touching_trackpad <= 1)

To create such with the UI you need to option+click the plus button on the top right, to create a new subgroup:

Thanks, Andreas. Unfortunately your settings don't work as expected. :man_shrugging:

Touching trackpad (finger/thumb) on left side shows: true/green. That's good.

But it stays true/green even if no finger/thumb touches the trackpad anymore.

To make it false/red, I have to touch the right side of the trackpad.

I would like to have: Touch left = true/green. No touch left or touch right = false/red.

Ah I didn't think too much about the condition, it was just an example for OR conditions.
I think you need to set the fingers_touching_trackpad to >= 1 (or == 1 if you want it only if exactly one finger is touching)

Sorry, I don't get it. :slightly_frowning_face: My fault. Anyway, that's not how it works. If you have time, could you please show me like this?

I think this looks correct.
I just tried it here:
If I touch with one normal finger on the left side of the trackpad it will be true/green, or if I touch with the thumb on the right 2/3 of the trackpad.In other cases it goes to false/red for me. This is not the case for you?

Correct! That's good.

No, I would like the thumb should show true/green at the same place as the finger.

I probably explained that poorly. Everything happens left. On the right side must always be "false".

Ah, then do it like this:

(thumb_x_percent <= 30 AND thumb_x_percent > 0) OR (leftmost_touch_x_percent <= 30 AND fingers_touching_trackpad == 1)

Yes, that's exactly what I wanted. :smiley: Thank you very much! I will never understand this. That's why I will always ask you :joy:

That's fine :smiley:

Just quick explanation

  • thumb_x_percent > 0 AND thumb_x_percent <= 30
    That's true if your thumb is in the left 30% (position is bigger than zero but less or equal than 30% )

  • (leftmost_touch_x_percent <= 30 AND fingers_touching_trackpad == 1)
    This is true if there is exactly one finger touching the trackpad, and it is in the left 30%.

By combining them with a OR, if either of the two is true, it will work.

Good :wink: If you explain it, I understand it to some way, but if you want me to do it....

One more thing: If a finger touches the right side of the trackpad, it displays "false". That's correct.

If that finger stays there and another finger touches left it turns green. That is also correct.

But if the finger is lifted on the left side but the other finger remains on the right side of the trackpad, sometimes it still shows green, which is not correct.