Adding multiple new buttons through Applescript

Currently I'm trying to add multiple new buttons to a specific preset (not the global one) through Applescript and I got 3 problems:

  1. Using the add_new_trigger (for test purposes) "as is" on the docs causes BTT to add multiple empty buttons to the general touchbar preset (no total amount of buttons was specified);
  2. I can't seem to find documentation regarding the use of add_new_trigger to add buttons on specific presets;
  3. Using a loop to go through a browser window's tabs, I'm trying to use add_new_trigger to fill the new button desired attributes with custom info. The information isn't shown on the final result (similar to result in 1.)

Main goal:
Generate as many buttons as tabs opened on the current browser's window I'm in. All the browser's information handling is being made already, I just can't seem to manage the button generation part.