Add Right Click as a Snap Area Trigger


I can't express how great this app is, the Snap Areas alone make it worth the purchase.

However, coming from PowerToys' Fancy Zones in Windows, there is one feature I greatly miss.


Would it be possible to add Right Click as a trigger for the Snap Areas, instead of just modifier keyboard keys?

This would allow to show the snap areas without having to reach for the keyboard.

Essentially the behaviour would be:

  1. Keep left click pressed to drag the window, then while it's still pressed,
  2. Hit right click
  3. Snap areas now show up

What I've tried

Since the right click alone can't be remapped in your app, I tried to remap the middle mouse button to my snap area's modifier, but the areas don't show up.

Thank you!

I can tell you about my experience with such settings.

Normally BTT can trigger "itself". That means a shortcut set up in BTT can be triggered by a BTT key sequence, no problem But unfortunately not with the actions modifiers down/up. If you trigger something in BTT it doesn't work. At least not for me. I don't know if this is a bug. Maybe @Andreas_Hegenberg can have a look at it. Because that would be a very useful feature. :slight_smile:

Why a useful feature? I'll make a concrete example.

Suppose I set this shortcut in BTT: ⌘+fn+a = triggers action 1.

Further suppose I set this to. Trigger: Double tap spacebar.

That means when I double tap the spacebar I have 0.6 s to press "a" and action 1 is executed.