Add option to window moving/resizing to require mouse click

In the current moving/resizing feature, you require only that the particular shortcut keys are pressed on the keyboard, but not actually clicking on a mouse button. This has the unnatural feel of your mouse doing something when you are expecting to only be moving the cursor around on the screen.

I propose adding a mouse-button requirement (or at least an option for one) as well.

For instance, I use another add-on program called HyperDock specifically for this reason. I assign CTRL-OPT-CMD to be 'move window' but it only moves when you actually click-drag with the mouse. This has the most natural feel as even when those modifiers are pressed, the mouse still moves around the screen as usual. It's only when I click-and-drag that I actually move the window, but this makes the motion still feel natural, as if I were clicking on the menu bar.

Your implementation doesn't require the click-drag, which while I can see the appeal for some, I personally get frustrated with because things are moving around on the screen even without a mouse button being pressed, which is extremely unnatural. We have been taught that simply moving the mouse only moves the cursor around, but doesn't actually perform any actions.

Giving us the option to say 'These modifier keys and the left mouse button' would go a long way to restoring the natural feel of the mouse, while still giving us the extra benefit of being able to drag a window from anywhere.

For all the reasons above, I request the same for the 'resize window' functionality as well.

I would second this. This is exactly how it has worked in the Unix world for a long, long time. I prefer to use OPT + left click to move and OPT + right click to resize.

I'm able to almost accomplish this using the shortcuts for the mouse, but it doesn't register right clicks correctly for some reason. It works for my left click flow.