Add 'Connected Device' or similar to 'Conditional Activation Group'

On usecase for me is to have F3 and Cmd+F3 for Mission Control, because my keyboard at home is a Windows keyboard and doesn't have these dedicated function-keys. However if an application actually uses the F3-key for something else, I have to deactivate it in BTT.
It would be great to have an option for "Connected Device" or similar in the 'Conditional Activation Group', so I could create a Group for these shortcuts, so they are only active when the specific keyboard is plugged in!

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You can try this:

Hey Andreas,

thanks for the quick reply! However I can't find this dropdown in the 'Advanced Gesture Settings', it's simply not there. I'll try again once I get home with the actual keyboard attached.
However I still think it would make sense to add this option to a whole group, but it's not really high priority I guess.

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Which version are you using? (this was only recently added)

I'm using the 2.716

Ah then it's probably only available in >= 2.717

Voting for this as well, but with a different use case in mind. e.g. only activate a keyboard shortcut if say a particular monitor or USB device is attached.