"Activate Specific Window" and Changing names

I would like to use this action.


The problem is that the names of the window (at the end) changes.

It always starts with "Scrivener DB NOTES" and ends with something.


I was hoping a "*" would help, but unfortunately not.

How does BTT find this window? Thanks.

Try using .* as a placeholder (RegEx):
Scrivener DB NOTES.*
RegEx (Google)

Thank you, Dirk! As I was just able to find out, everything is actually working now. No idea why it didn't work before.

With or without ".", "*". It doesn't need any more characters if the beginning of the name is correct.

Strange thing is, "." stands for any character, but only one. Right?

So this: "Scrivener DB NOT."

should not find this Window.

"Scrivener DB NOTES"

But it does. With or without ".", which is ok for me.

See the Docu RegEx
The dot stands only for one character and the asterisk for any number of the previous selection. So .* means any number of any characters.

" . Der Punkt steht für ein beliebiges Zeichen und kann somit jedes Zeichen finden."

... ein ... Zeichen.

So this: "Scrivener DB NOT."

should not find this.

"Scrivener DB NOTES"

Alles gut. Es zeigt wahrscheinlich nur, dass RegEx hier nicht zur Anwendung kommt :slightly_smiling_face:

Doch. RegEx wird verwendet. Es kann sein, die Funktion standardmäßig „StartWith“ verwendet.