Activate Named Snap Areas with active monitor context

I love using keyboard shortcuts to send the active window to a specific snap area. Unfortunately, when using multiple monitors, the snap areas change and the keyboard shortcuts may point to snap areas which are defined for a non active monitor.

Solution: Possibility to give every snap area a name and trigger this name by shortcut. Important: Of course only the areas for the active monitor may be used to determine the area.

Example: Think of a snap area named "center stage" on monitor 1. Now, when another monitor is active, another snap area with different coordinates gets active. This second snap area on monitor 2 can be named "center stage", too. In effect, a keyboard shortcut can be configured to active "center stage" which always points to the active monitor setup.

I think you could do this pretty easily with either a key sequence or if you have a Touch Bar, a button on there. Create presets (possibly with the name of the monitor it works with) that only contain the keyboard shortcuts and the associated snap areas for a specific monitor. You can even have the same shortcut for a different item in each preset. Then have the preset off by default and when you press the button or some type of trigger, the action would be the preset you want with the commands for a specific monitor would become active. That way you could turn on and off which ever preset you need for a specific monitor and no other. Does that make sense?

Dear Eric,

this it a fabulous idea! I will test this soon and assume it will work flawlessly since I already have all Snaps in a seperate preset. Didn't know a "change preset" action exists.

Thanks for you help

PS: I don't know if there is any wqay to "close the FRQ". Didn't find any, so I only removed my own vote.