Activate a window based on its title.

Hi! Is there a way to activate a window based on it's title? Thanks!

Can you provide an actual example from real life to demonstrate what it is you need to happen? Please don’t invent an imaginary case that you feel approximates or generalises your needs.

Importantly, do you tend to require this in one particular application more commonly than in others ? Which applications should it work for ? (If you say ”all”, you might not have much success).

Also bear in mind that windows positioned on other desktops/spaces besides the currently active one are difficult to interact with, so you will hopefully be considering a single desktop space.

Thanks for the response!

The specific case here is that I have a lot of webapps that I use (slack, gmail, asana, etc). I set these up as separate windows, and I would like to be able to directly address them via keyboard shortcuts. So, Alt+A brings the Asana window forward, and Alt+M brings the gmail window forward, etc. These are typically all on the same desktop, so that limitation won't be a problem.

I know that titles of webpages can change, however, I have successfully used this setup on windows (using autohotkey), and linux (using xbindkey) for several years. So as long as i can do a regex match I should be ok in that regard.


So they are browser windows ? Ok, that’s actually really easy, as long as it’s not Firefox. Which browser ?

Yes, the majority of the windows I would need to do title matching on are browser windows. I used to use firefox, however they removed their "app-mode" for websites a long while back, so now all of my webapps run in chrome.

So yeah, a solution for chrome would be great!

Just use "Lunch Application" and pick the app from the Applications folder