Actions to trigger Microsoft Office ribbon commands (e.g. Zotero)


I did search the forum but can't find any references to this (my apologies if if I missed it).

I was hoping to consolidate my keyboard shortcuts in BTT, rather than having them split between BTT, the System keyboard shortcuts, and individual apps like MS Word.

It is easy to set a keyboard shortcut in BTT for menubar items with the Menubar-Item action - for example Tools;Word Count. But in MS Office, I can't see a way of triggering either a) anything in the Ribbon, or b) the many hundreds of commands within Tools-Customize Keyboard in specific apps like Word. The Ribbon typically contains icons that trigger particular commands in the latter, and is a way of assigning a keyboard shortcut to anything that isn't in the menubar.

The specific example for me is Zotero, an academic reference manager, which installs a custom Ribbon section with commands like Add/Edit Citation (they can also be assigned keyboard shortcuts in the Word Tools-Customise Keyboard dialogue).

Is it possible to access the full gamut of Word actions through BTT somehow, rather than just the menubar items? Or are these the kind of commands which can only be done through the specific app's keyboard shortcuts?


I believe Microsoft Office doesn't integrate this stuff with the standard macOS shortcut system, thus this will only be possible through the internal shortcut mapping. (Possibly they support Apple Script but I don't know about that)

Thanks Andreas, I appreciate the clarification. A shame but we can't have it all. Thanks for a really fantastic app!