Action time delay with 2 finger tap on trackpad

I created a function (Shift key down/Left click/Shift key up) for the trackpad and the LUNA UAD software that replaces SHIFT CLICK by performing a 2 finger tap. It works, but I have a delay of half a second before the action takes place... Is there a way not to have a delay? I can't find this setting in BTT.
-Mac studio Ventura
-Magic trackpad 2
-BTT V 4.073

Might be helpful if you posted your question in English?

You're right ! ;o)

Are you using the "Custom Mouse Button & Modifier.." Action?

Does the "Shift Click" shortcut in "LUNA UAD" activate on "Shift Down + Click" or after Shift is released?

No, I use 3 actions. With you method, it's the same result.
I found the parameter : Trackpad settings / Doubletap delay/ Value : 0
But I need also doubletap functions, so I have to put the minimal value to 0,3 if I want doubletap works... It's a little bit better than 0,5.
Thanks for your help !

Yep, BTT needs to wait a moment to see whether a double-tap will occur. Otherwise it would always trigger both (the single and the double tap action)