Action Repeat While Touching with Magic Mouse 2

I would need this feature in order to swipe my magic mouse over the menu bar and change the system volume. But it seems it doesn't repeat at all.
BTT version 4.067

Thanks for reporting! There was really a bug that caused this to not work with some gestures. This should be fixed in 4.164 alpha (uploading now)

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ok thanks,
is it up there yet? I can't see any

should be, did you check for alpha version updates?

I did, it doesn't show up

a reboot maybe

no alpha version available after reboot,
forgot to mention that I am on Mac OS Sonoma beta. Could be probably that...

is your license still valid for newer updates?

Not sure, how do I check it?

no, it's not actually,
I will need to purchase a new one I guess

unfortunately yes, there will also be a bunch of Sonoma related updates soon

Just did. :+1:

Ok, I've had to renew my subscription and that feature now seems to kinda work;
that specific feature though was supposed to work with my already paid license...

It was just implemented in that latest alpha to work with swipe gestures in the Magic Mouse, so it could not work with the previous versions. (Not everything that is possible to be combined in the UI is tested and verified to work, there are just too many combinations ;-))