Action lag after triggers

I've used BTT for years and love it. Lately I've been getting a long (2/3 sec) lag after I trigger certain actions, and I can't figure out what's changed. Does anyone have any idea what might have introduced this lag? Maybe I tweaked a setting or added some gesture or action that's slowing some of my actions down?

any specific actions or gestures?

Some of the Launch Application actions, and Cmd+tab to switch apps back and forth.

how are you triggering them? In general I don't think there has been a change that would affect this

I trigger them with tap gestures, and I do the Cmd+Tab with a Keyboard Shortcut action

When I talk about changes, I mean a change in what I've set up, not in the app. I think I may have done something that is creating this new lag, and i can't figure out what.

For tap gestures, did you maybe add double tap gestures as well? (then BTT needs to wait a bit to see whether a second tap is coming)


I disabled the one new trigger that was had double-tap, and now it all seems more responsive!

One problem I've had for a while is that sometimes an action that launches an app doesn't complete the switch to the app when it's already open. Is there any way I can force the switch to complete?

More specifically, when an app is in another workspace sometimes it fails to switch on the first attempt.