"Act as Hyper Key" has disappeared???

@Andreas_Hegenberg Andreas, this is really strange. The action "Act as Hyper Key" has disappeared. I accidentally deleted the action and wanted it back. :thinking:

This is an old screenshot

And this is what it looks like now

I am observing something similar happening to me. Entire actions are disappearing, as if I had deleted them. The first time (in the middle of last week), I thought that I had accidentally deleted them. However, it has now happened three times, with different things disappearing each time. A complete group in the Indesign Streamdeck, a Chat-GPT menu bar list, two actions for Finder that start up all apps and execute a plan in the morning and shut down all apps and turn on Wi-Fi in the evening. What is happening here?

Mh, fortunately, that hasn't happened to me yet. :hot_face:

Do you have Hyperkey enabled? Could you please check if you can find the action under "modifier"? Thanks!

I have "Act as Hyper Key" there... do you want to exchange problems? :wink: After the second "failure," I made backups of everything. The damage is therefore limited, but it is still very strange

This is completely absurd. I just don't have this action anymore. But until recently it was still there. Let's see what Andreas thinks. Ah, and thanks for looking it up :slightly_smiling_face: do you have v 4.069?

With pleasure. Let's see who has the bigger ones. :joy:Have you ever noticed that actions remain active when they are deactivated? To deactivate them, you have to delete them. :upside_down_face:

@Frank1 I couldn't tell from the screenshots, but the "Act As Hyperkey" action can only be assigned to the caps lock key. So it will only show up if a shortcut that has caps lock recorded is selected.

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Ah, yes, that solves the problem. Thank you! Normally it doesn't matter if the action or the trigger is selected first. In this case obviously it does. :slightly_smiling_face: