Act as Hyper Key action missing

Hello. I have been using the Hyper Key functionality for some time without issue. Over the weekend it stopped working for no known reason. I tried to recreate the shortcut. I am able to map the caps lock key, however when I do so there is no 'Act as Hyper Key' action available.

The caps lock key is mapped to caps lock in macOS and functions as expected as a caps lock key. BTT does recognize the caps lock key when I try to create a keyboard shortcut. If I select something other than the hyper key action, the mapping is successful and works as expected for that action. I am using a standard Apple keyboard.

I have tried restarting BTT, I have tried removing and reinstalling BTT, I have tried some different versions of BTT, I have toggled the caps lock mapping in macOS back and forth a few times, I have removed all other keyboard shortcuts in BTT, I have tried deleting the caps lock shortcut from BTT, I have tried power cycling the keyboard, and I have rebooted. So far no change in behavior.

Does anyone have any other suggestions of what I might try? I am about out of ideas.


thanks for reporting, it should now appear again in 4.264 (uploading right now, will be available in ~10min)

Thank you. I upgraded to 4.265 and can now set the 'Act as Hyper Key' action. The keyboard shortcut shows that caps lock is mapped to the hyper key, however I have so far been unable to get caps lock to actually behave as a hyper key. The only thing that I am seeing is the usual caps lock behavior. If I map caps lock to another action (e.g. show desktop), it is both invoking that action and continuing to toggle caps lock in the usual manner.

I tried restarting BTT, recreating the mapping a few times, and eventually rebooting with no change in behavior. The caps lock key is still mapped to caps lock in macOS. I'm not running a beta; still on the latest version of Ventura.

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There was indeed an issue with freshly configured hyperkeys. This should now be resolved in 4.266

Thank you for the quick fixes. My hyper key is again functioning as expected.