Accidental Touching of X and esc on Left of Touchbar

I am not a touch-typist and tend to rest my left hand above the keyboard, accidentally hitting the X (for closing BTT) and esc buttons. This is a major problem for me and, in truth, the reason I bought BTT in the first place: I thought I'd be able to move those buttons. May we have a way to move those buttons within the touchbar?

In general touchbar settings uncheck the "show macOS control strip" option, afterwards BTT is able to fully customize your Touchbar.

Thank you. That gets rid of the X. I just need to recreate the control buttons in a new group, I guess to control volume, brightness, etc.

yes, unfortunately there is no way to get rid of the X without getting rid of the system control strip ;-(

But you can replace the brightness, volume and keyboard backlight greatly with gestures for the Touch Bar :slightly_smiling_face: Even better than the original :wink: