Accessing native Touch Bar screenshot controls?

Before adopting the BBT, the tough bar will show several options, such as clipboard, desktop etc, once I tap command+shift+4. I think it's quite useful based on my personal need. However, how can I modify after adopting the BBT and Golden-Chaso presetting?

I'll appreciate any help in this forum.

GC has this stuff built-in! Hold down Control and you'll see screen capture tools in the control strip:

The two screenshot buttons are next to the AirPlay Mirror button on the left! They are shortcuts for full screenshot and window screenshot (what you're looking for) respectively :slight_smile:

As far as I know, there isn't a way to temporarily disable BTT only while capturing a screenshot, so if the controls I mentioned aren't enough let me know what sort of functionality you'd like to have and I can try too build it into a future version!